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It’s important to effectively plan prior to starting an accessibility assessment. The assessment planning documents will help determine tasks and work needed, how to approach and implement the work practically, what standards you will use, the number or resources required and how to communicate the results.

Determine the overall purpose before structuring the assessment. The purpose influences every other aspect of the assessment. For example, the purpose may be to address accessibility concerns with existing systems proactively or it could be in response to and prepare for an upcoming audit.

Follow these steps to effectively plan for the accessibility assessment:

  • Define Scope - Indicate what will be included and excluded in the assessment.
  • Choose Standard - Identify the accessibility standards to use for the assessment.
  • Identify Resources - Determine the resources needed for assessment.
    • Participants & Skill Sets - Define the project team, identify skill sets and roles.
    • Sample - Determine the sample size and how to obtain the sample.
  • Follow Best Practices
    • Determine Level of effort - Assess the level of effort for the assessment.
    • Define Error Logging - Define information needed to effectively document defects & deficiencies identified during assessment.
    • Communication Plan - Document communication strategy to effectively communicate the results of assessment.
    • Request for Additional Resources - Determine whether additional funds and/or resources are needed for the assessment effort.