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Assistive Technology at Work

In The Snack Shop at the Employment Development Department (EDD), technology has removed day-to-day barriers for a local business owner to help make her operations successful. Visionless by birth, Joni overcame many challenges. Today, she owns and operates two snack stores within the EDD Headquarters in Sacramento. By using various technology devices, she innovatively navigates day to day tasks and successfully manages her business.

For more remarkable success stories and to learn how assisted technology can empower people their daily lives, please visit Department of Rehabilitation’s volunteer blog site Notice Abilities


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Braille Tablet

The tablet allows Joni to use braille to type documents or emails and translates them into scripts for the recipients. It translates email responses into braille. She also uses the tablet to take pictures of documents or invoices and translate data into braille.

Currency Reader

The Currency Reader scans and reads the scanned currency bill. The cash register speaks back the denomination entered and the change due. This enables Joni to hear the exact amount of the transaction from start to finish.

Scanner Gun

The Scanner Gun reads the bar codes and tells Joni the items (snack, candy, soda, water etc.) stocked on the shelves. She uses this information to order items or place them in the correct area.

These devices empower Joni to be self-reliant and independent to perform the day to day tasks for her business. The technology enables her to be successful and provide a positive experience for her customers.