Fair Hearings

If you are dissatisfied with an action or decision of the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) relating to your application or to your services, you can request a fair hearing with an impartial hearing officer. You can request a hearing within one year of the DOR action or decision, or within thirty days from your receipt of a written Administrative Review decision.

You may concurrently seek an informal Administrative Review by contacting the District Administrator. The Administrative Review Decision will be rendered within 15 days of the date of the request.

Many problems can be resolved informally and more quickly at the local level than through the fair hearing process. It may be to your benefit to work through the Administrative Review process first, before requesting Mediation or a formal fair hearing.

Impartial hearing officers conduct fair hearings throughout California and render decisions on whether the DOR actions or decisions are in accordance with the Title 9 of the California Code of Regulations and other applicable law.

If you need assistance with the fair hearing process, please contact the Client Assistance Program (CAP) to request advocacy services.

The hearing will be held within 60 days from the date of your request unless you agree to a later date. At the hearing, you may appear in person and may be accompanied by a Client Assistance Program (CAP) representative or other representative of your choice.

For information on requesting a Fair Hearing, please contact the District Administrator in your local district office. You can also download and print the DR 107, Request for Mediation and/or Fair Hearing form (right side or below).

If you are not satisfied with the fair hearing decision, you can file a writ of mandate, within six months of the decision, with the California Superior Court.


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