The Committees are based on the legislative mandates, the policy and program objectives State of California's Unified State Plan and identified goals, priorities, objectives from the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Services Portion of Unified State Plan, the State Plan for Developmental Disabilities and State Plan for Independent Living that intersect with California's Unified State Plan. Beginning in 2017, the CCEPD has created the following Standing Committees:

  • Executive Committee

  • Employment and Training Committee

  • State Coordination Committee

  • Youth Event Committee

The Executive Committee's main function is to assist the Executive Officer and staff in the development of meeting agenda items, policy discussion and assist with administrative issues for the CCEPD.

The Employment and Training Committee will work on the CCEPD legislative mandates:

  • Bring individuals with disabilities into gainful employment at a rate that is as close as possible to that of the general population.

  • Ensure that state government is a model employer of individuals with disabilities.

The Employment and Training Committee will provide input on strategies regarding training and education of people with disabilities, as outlined in Unified State Plan and provide feedback on strategies for the State being a Model Employer.

The State Coordination Committee's legislative mandate focus is: support state coordination with, and participation in, benefits planning training and information dissemination projects supported by private foundations and federal grants.

The roles of the Committee will provide input on the following:

  • Provide policy feedback on system alignment changes and coordination.

  • Identify partners (i.e. private and public partners) to discuss and identify system needs, changes or alignment to be developed into policy recommendations for better coordination.

  • Assist with outreach and marketing of a variety of information for people with disabilities and ensure information is being disseminated to a variety of groups.

  • Provide policy input for benefits planning and coordination of benefits planning among the systems serving people with disabilities.

The Youth Event Committee, an ad-hoc Committee, will focus on the transition of the Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) to a non-profit or community based organization, providing feedback on the action items needed for the transition.


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