Practical Solutions to Reasonable Accommodation


This class is offered at the Department of Human Resources (CalHR). For available sessions, visit Practical Solutions to Reasonable Accommodation to register.

Class Description:

This class is designed to develop competency in the reasonable accommodation process for employees with disabilities.


As a result of attending this class, using a series of interactive exercises, case scenarios, and videos, participants will:

  • Learn how to identify and gather relevant but limited medical information needed to respond to the accommodation request.

  • Develop strategies for analyzing duty statements to determine the work activities that impose a barrier to work performance.

  • Practice accommodation strategies that can facilitate the interactive process between the employee with a disability and his/her workplace supervisor and lead to effective workplace solutions.

  • Identify online resources for solving accommodation issues and compliance with the ADA and California's FEHA.

Intended Audience:

This hands-on class is designed for Reasonable Accommodation Coordinators, Return to Work Coordinators and staff responsible for implementing or oversight of their department's reasonable accommodation process.


Familiarity with the reasonable accommodation and return to work process. Completion of the "Introduction to ADA/FEHA" meets this prerequisite.

Scheduled Times:

Hours can be arranged.

Cost Per Person:

Cost determined by department request for number of classes and locations.


At department's request.

Available Dates:

At department's request.


Bring This Class to Your Facility:

We offer the option of bringing this training to your facility if you have several staff members who wish to attend this class. If this seems like a better option for your department, contact Vienalyn Tankiamco at 916-558-5760 or via email at Vienalyn.Tankiamco(at) for additional information.



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