Administrative Services Division (ASD) Structure

This division is responsible for the administrative activities that are required to support the Department's mission to provide Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Independent Living Services to eligible Californians with disabilities.

Our Vision

We are committed to being the premier provider of administrative services in California state service.

Our Mission

The Administrative Services Division supports our department, our consumers and other stakeholders by providing essential, accessible and innovative resources and services.

Our Values Ė "Do the Right Thing"

  • Accountability
  • Communication
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Quality
  • Trust
  • Teamwork

ASD Goals

  1. Provide accurate, effective and efficient administrative support services to all its customers (DOR Goals 1.1, 1.2, 1.4)
  2. Deliver administrative support services using a framework of accountability and compliancy with applicable rules and regulations (DOR Goals 1.1, 1.4)
  3. Provide strategic planning, options, advice and solutions regarding departmental issues to customers that include a thorough analysis of reliable fiscal and program data (DOR Goals 1.1, 1.3, 1.4)
  4. Submit timely, complete, and accurate information to customers and control agencies (DOR Goal 1.1)
  5. Recruit, retain and develop quality employees to ensure continuity of the DOR workforce (DOR Goals 1.2, 1.4, 1.5)

The division is made up of the following sections, units, branches, and offices.

Financial Management


Accounting Services is a major support service unit within the Administrative Services Division and is comprised of two distinct functions, the Accounts Payable/Claims Unit and Fund Accounting Unit.

The Accounts Payable/Claims Unit audits and processes all departmental invoices (approximately 400,000+ annually) submitted by employees, vendors, other state agencies, and various individuals.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Maintenance of the petty cash account
  • General Services charge card
  • Cal-Card
  • American Express Government Card
  • Travel/training advances
  • Distribution of revolving fund and bank draft check stock

The Fund Accounting Unit is responsible for maintaining the financial records for the Department, which includes:

  • Maintenance of the Department's financial systems
  • Office Revolving Fund Account
  • Cash Management of all State and Federal funds
  • Various Special Deposit Accounts
  • State Financial Reporting
  • Federal financial and program reporting
  • Accountability and distribution of monthly payroll to over 1,800 employees
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Revenue/Reimbursements

To contact this section, send your e-mail to, or telephone them at (916) 558-5700.

Budgets, Fiscal Forecasting and Research

The Department's Budgets, Fiscal Forecasting and Research Section's major responsibilities are to:

  • Prepare an annual program and operations budget for the Department.
  • Monitor appropriation authority and expenditures.
  • Examine fiscal trends.
  • Forecast program budgetary needs.
  • Provide research studies, planning coordination, evaluation, statistical information, consumer data, reports and analyses of the Department's performance to the Department, the State, and the Federal government.
  • Provide assistance and information to Executive Management and Department staff.

To contact this section, send your e-mail to, or telephone them at (916) 558-5880 (Voice) or (916) 558-5878 (TTY).

Business Services

The Business Services Section is a major support service unit within the Administrative Services Division. Business Services has statewide responsibility for the following areas:

  • Leasing of space and facility management
  • Inventory of property (equipment)
  • Printing and reproduction services
  • Mailing services
  • Records and forms management
  • Health and Safety
  • Merit Award Program
  • Motor vehicles
  • Administrative directives and manuals

To contact this section, send your e-mail to, or telephone them at (916) 558-5500 (Voice) or (916) 558-5503 (TTY).

Contracts and Procurement

The Contracts and Procurement Section provides statewide support services to all DOR programs. The Section is comprised of two major functions:

Contracts Unit:

The Contracts unit prepares and processes approximately 1,400 contracts/grant agreements as follows:

  • Prepare and process contracts/grants and service agreements in accordance with state policies and procedures
  • Prepare Requests for Proposals (RFP), Invitation for Bid (IFB), and Request for Quotation (RFQ) packages and manage the entire bidding solicitation process
  • Research state/federal contract administrative policies and provide consultation to programs and state contractors
  • Coordinate with DGS Legal, contractors and other state agencies to facilitate the execution of agreements
  • Prepare administrative guidelines/procedures and ensure compliance with state/federal policies and regulations

Procurement Unit:

The Procurement unit provides statewide support to DOR offices that provide services to Californians with disabilities. The Procurement unit prepares purchasing requests for programs and administrative functions as follows:

  • Initiate and prepare purchasing documents in accordance with State procurement policies and procedures
  • Provide support and technical expertise to DOR district offices on consumer and administrative purchases and transactions
  • Provide guidance and training to DOR employees to ensure compliance with state/federal guidelines and regulations
  • Assist with statewide coordination for the Consumer Vehicle Modification Program
  • Serve as the Department's CAL-Card Administrator.
  • Serve as the Department Small Business/Disabled Veteran's Business Enterprise Agent
  • Prepare State agency Recycling and reporting requirements
  • Develop and update procurement policies and procedures manual

To contact this section, send your e-mail to, or telephone them at (916) 558-5680 (Voice) or (916) 558-5682 (TTY).

Human Resources

Labor Relations Office

The Labor Relations Office (LRO) promotes labor relations between the DOR, its employees, and employee organizations, and represents the Department on matters of employer-employee relations and collective bargaining. The LRO:

  • Provides guidance and labor relations training to DOR Executive Staff, management, and administrators, including, but not limited to Fair Labor Standards Act requirements, employee complaints and grievances, working with union stewards or representatives, implementation and administration of contracts, de-certification elections, and unfair labor practices.
  • Responds to grievances at the Formal Second Level (as the DOR Director's designee), represents the Department during collective bargaining, and serves as the Department's labor relations liaison with the Department of Personnel Administration's Labor Relations Office.

To contact this section, send your e-mail to, or telephone them at (916) 558-5541.

Personnel Services Section

The Personnel Services Section (PSS) provides human resource support services and is comprised of three units that are responsible for personnel functions including: Classification/Pay and Performance Management, Selection Services, Transactions, and Workers Compensation. The PSS oversees the Department's:

  • Civil service exam, hiring, and selection process, timekeeping and pay programs, and employee benefits programs;
  • Provides consultation and guidance on resolving performance management and medical issues;
  • Provides guidance on the state's disciplinary process and prepares informal and formal disciplinary actions;
  • Provides consultation to management on organizational proposals and classification studies; and
  • Administers the Workers' Compensation program.

Jobs with DOR: Please visit the DOR Employment Information website for examinations and available positions.

To contact this section, send your e-mail to, or telephone them at (916) 558-5545 (Voice) or (916) 558-5547 (TTY).

Planning Unit

The Planning Unit facilitates the DOR planning process and conducts program analysis and planning activities, including:

  • Facilitation of the Executive Leadership Team's strategic planning process
  • Development of the annual State Plan for Vocational Rehabilitation and Supported Employment Services.
  • Collaborates with internal and external stakeholders, including, but not limited to, the Client Assistance Program and the State Rehabilitation Council, to conduct public hearings, needs assessments, and annual State Plan and Strategic Plan development.

DOR's current State Plan

To contact the Planning Unit, send your e-mail to, or telephone them at (916) 558-5895 (Voice).

Staff Development Section

The Staff Development Section (SDS) supports leadership development, management and supervisory training, counselor education and training, and training for technical and support staff. The SDS:

  • Coordinates all in-service and out-service training;
  • Maintains training records on all departmental employees;
  • Maintains a resource library; Collaborates with six California State University graduate degree programs to advance vocational rehabilitation as a profession; and
  • Administers the Employee Wellness Program and the Employee Assistance Program.

To contact this section, send your e-mail to, or telephone them at (916) 558-5650 (Voice) or (916) 558-5653 (TTY).

Workforce and Succession Planning Office (WSPO)

The Workforce and Succession Planning Office (WSPO) oversees the Department's diversity outreach, recruitment, and workforce and succession planning program. The WSPO is responsible for:

  • The overall development, coordination, and implementation of the DOR's statewide diversity outreach, succession and workforce development plan;
  • Developing departmental policy to establish, implement, and monitor strategies designed to meet the Department's goals of improving vocational rehabilitation services to unserved and underserved communities;
  • Recruiting and retaining a workforce with the necessary language and cultural skills to enable the Department to serve all Californians with disabilities; and
  • Establishing effective working relationship with the six councils that make up the Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE) accredited programs to recruit qualified staff to provide services to the unserved and underserved population identified in the State Plan.

To contact the WSPO, send your e-mail to (email address to be added soon), or telephone at (916) 558-5586 (Voice).

Information Technology Services Branch (ITSB)

The Information Technology Services Branch (ITSB) is responsible for developing and maintaining computer systems and applications in support of the Department's administrative and service delivery. The information technology services include system analysis and design, programming, testing, implementation, and maintenance of major computer systems and databases in coordination with the California Technology Agency, Office of Technology Services (OTech) and Office of System Integration (OSI).

Administrative Services

  • Manage Branch budget and expenditures
  • Provide procurement services for all information technology related purchases
  • Manage enterprise-wide software licenses
  • Provide personnel services

Application Development Section

  • Provide system analysis, programming and application design
  • Develop and maintain mainframe and PC applications
  • Provide scheduled and on-demand reports

Customer Services

  • Provide 1st and 2nd level technical support

Database & Web Services

  • Develop and maintain databases housed at the Department and the Office of Technology Services (OTech)
  • Develop and maintain the DORís External and Internal websites

Information Security Office

  • Respond to and manage threats and incidents
  • Provide security education and awareness.

Technical Services

  • Develop and maintain accessible computer technology
  • Providing 2nd level technical support
  • Support and maintain the Department's enterprise-wide network

To contact ITSB, send your e-mail to, or telephone them at (916) 558-5590 (Voice) or (916) 558-5597 (TTY).

Operations & Accountability Office

The Operations & Accountability Office (O & A) provides high-level policy development, oversight, leadership, and monitoring of critical inter-divisional activities of the department. The O & A team coordinates critical management initiatives, special projects, strategic planning efforts, and recommends improvements to current department policies for the advancement of the department's mission and goals. Additionally, O & A coordinates and facilitates external audits, reviews, evaluations, and DOR responses to reviews and audits. The staff support to the State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) and the department's compliance monitor position are housed within O & A.

Quality Assurance/Compliance Monitor

The Compliance Monitor performs operational reviews and management analysis assignments. These include, but are not limited to, coordinating and facilitating management's response to audits/reviews/evaluations from external entities and development of Corrective Action Plans (CAP) for both external entities and the department's biennial internal control reviews.

State Rehabilitation Council Executive Officer

The State Rehabilitation Council Executive Officer provides support for the State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) in the completion of the council's federally mandated responsibilities. This includes:

  • Technical and programmatic assistance on council projects and activities; administrative and logistical support; preparation, analysis and distribution of materials and information, and functioning as a liaison between the council and DOR.

To contact this section, send your e-mail to, or telephone them at (916) 558-5865 (Voice) or (916) 558-5867 (TTY).