External Audit

When conducting an external audit, we review records of organizations that receive funding from the DOR, such as local education agencies, counties, non profits, and community-based programs to determine whether they are compliant with applicable laws, regulations, and grant/contract requirements. Additionally, we determine whether the invoices submitted and the services provided are appropriate and supported.

DOR Audit Reports

Audit "Type" Glossary:

  • (FFS) Fee For Services
  • (OIB) Older Individuals who are Blind
  • (SE) Supported Employment program
  • (BEP) Business Enterprise Program
  • (IL) Independent Living
  • (PFJR) Program and Fiscal Joint Review

DOR Audit Reports
FFS Napa Personnel Systems 6/30/15
FFS Employment Placement Professionals 4/27/15
FFS Community and Family Service Agency 4/8/15
FFS Partnerships with Industry 2/24/15
FFS Toolworks 10/20/14
FFS Southern California Rehabilitation Services 8/28/14
FFS Dreamcatchers Empowerment Network 8/21/14
SE Vocational Improvement Program, Inc. 1/21/14
SE Kainos Vocational Services 11/6/13
SE Lincoln Training Center 10/23/13
SE South Bay Vocational Center 9/25/13
SE PRIDE Industries 9/9/13
SE Valley Achievement Center/Valley Audit Services 8/8/13
SE Advocacy for Respect and Choice-Long Beach 7/1/13
SE Community Gatepath 6/12/13
IL Resources for Independence Central Valley Fiscal Review 11/4/14
IL Independent Living Resource Center, San Francisco 10/18/13
IL Resources for Independent Living of Sacramento 10/7/13
IL Services Center for Independent Living of Claremont 6/10/13
IL Access to Independence of San Diego 2/8/13
IL Center for Independence of Individuals with Disabilities 10/25/12
IL The Silicon Valley Independent Living Center 9/26/12
BEP Erreca Safety Road Side Rest Area (Location 3-817) 3/14/12
BEP Valley Wells Road Side Rest (Location 3-1025) 3/9/12
BEP Turlock Road Side Rest Stop (Location 3-756) 3/7/12
BEP Snack Bar at BOE Building (Location 3-764) 11/30/11
BEP East End Food Court Complex (Location 3-896) 9/12/11
BEP Dept. of Justice, Sacramento (Location 3-828) 9/9/11
OIB Community Access Center 9/20/11
OIB San Diego Center for the Blind 9/20/11
OIB Center for the Partially Sighted 6/6/11
OIB Dayle McIntosh Center 6/6/11
OIB Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired 6/6/11
OIB Lions Center for the Blind-Oakland 6/6/11
OIB Lions Center for the Visually Impaired-Pittsburg 6/6/11
OIB Blindness Support Services 6/1/11
OIB Earle Baum Center 6/1/11
OIB Independent Living Services of Northern California 6/1/11
OIB Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired 6/1/11
OIB VTC Enterprises 6/1/11
PFJR Southern California Rehabilitation Services 5/8/15
PFJR Resources for Independence Central Valley 1/13/15

Common Audit Findings: