DOR Director's Office Structure

Develops, implements and manages policy and programs according to state and federal laws.

Legal Affairs and Regulations

Legal Affairs provides legal advice to the Department, its Director, management, and employees on matters relating to the operations of DOR. Legal Affairs also assists in the drafting and review of legislation, regulations, correspondence, adverse and other personnel actions. It represents DOR, its management and employees, in administrative hearings and matters involving other governmental agencies. Legal Affairs also monitors and provides support to trial counsel in litigation.

Please keep in mind that this section does not provide legal advice, research, or personal representation of any type. If you are seeking legal assistance, it is suggested that you consult with a private attorney.

Legislation and External Affairs


Legislation represents the DOR in meetings with other departments, the Legislature and various community groups on legislative issues. It tracks State and Federal legislation, which could potentially impact DOR, its programs and consumers. The Section informs the Health and Human Services Agency and the Governor's Office about concerns with, or suggestions for, legislation that could affect its programs. It also serves as a liaison with the Legislature and is responsible for managing any bills that DOR is sponsoring.

To contact this section, e-mail them at, or telephone them at (916) 558-5790 (Voice).

Public Affairs

This section manages official external communications regarding the Department, including press releases, speeches, editorials, and articles. Public Affairs develops and implements events, creates brochures, manages the website, advertising and all promotional materials which are of interest to the general population and the disability community. The section also provides official response to inquiries from the media.

To contact this section, e-mail them at, or telephone them at (916) 558-5874 (Voice) or (916) 558-5872 (TTY).

Civil Rights

The Office of Civil Rights oversees the Department's assurance of non-discrimination in employment and service delivery to the employees and the consumers of the Department. The Equal Employment and Opportunity (EEO) Program components include: EEO counseling toward informal conflict resolution; EEO investigations of discrimination complaints filed by the employees and/or consumers of the Department and technical assistance and evaluation of employee reasonable accommodation requests.

To contact this office, e-mail Civil Rights staff at, or telephone Civil Rights staff at (916) 558-5850 (Voice) or (916) 558-5852 (TTY).

State Rehabilitation Council

The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended in 1998, requires the existence of a State Rehabilitation Council (SRC). The SRC consists of a diverse membership, appointed by the Governor, who are interested in, and representative of, Californians with disabilities. The SRC, among other things, works in partnership with the California Department of Rehabilitation to review, evaluate and advise the Department regarding its specific and overall performance and effectiveness.

For more information about the SRC go to the State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) web page. To contact the SRC please email the SRC Executive Office at, or telephone them at (916) 558-5865 (Voice) or (916) 558-5867 (TTY).

Audit Services

The Audit Services Section adds value and contributes to the overall success of DOR programs by providing expertise in management and fiscal accountability, compliance measures, and internal controls. Audit Services supports the Department, community partners, and other users through the provision of audit reports, management letters, and other communication methods.

Audit Services conducts audits and investigations as mandated by the State Administrative Manual or as directed by Department management, in the following areas:

  • Supporting records of organizations that receive funding from the Department, such as local education agencies, counties, vendors, and community-based programs.
  • Department's internal control system to facilitate the achievement of management's objectives and to determine that there is effective control over receipts, expenditures, assets, and liabilities.
  • Investigations of possible fraud or other illegal conduct on the part of employees, consumers, vendors, or other individuals doing business with the Department.

Audit Services also provides consulting services and technical assistance to DOR management, program staff and community partners through a variety of methods, including:

  • Participation in various DOR workgroups and program meetings.
  • Training, consultations, and technical assistance on areas such as fiscal monitoring, control self-assessments, and record-keeping requirements.

To contact this section, e-mail them at, or telephone them at (916) 558-5835 (Voice).