DOR Regulations

Current DOR Regulations

Current DOR Regulations can be found in our DOR Regulations (in Rich Text Format) document, and are also available at the California Code of Regulations (CCR) web page.

Because of the design of the CCR page, we are unable to give you a direct link to the correct section. To locate the DOR regulation section you are looking for:

  1. Select, on the left side of the main CCR page, the "List of CCR Titles" link.

  2. Select the "TITLE 9. Rehabilitative And Developmental Services" link.

  3. Select the "plus"(+) sign next to "Division 3. Department of Rehabilitation".

  4. You will then be in the Department's section of the regulations, allowing you to look through the chapters and find the section you would like to read.






Submit Your Written Comments on Proposed Regulations:

Written comments on proposed regulations may be submitted during an open public comment period to:

Department of Rehabilitation
Office of Legal Affairs and Regulations
721 Capitol Mall
Sacramento, California 95814

Faxed to: (916) 558-5826

Or emailed to:

Public Hearings:

Comments may be received by attending a scheduled public hearing and by submitting written and/or oral comments at the time of the public hearing.

Notice of public hearings will be posted on the DOR Calendar of Meetings and Events.