California Prison Industry Authority (CALPIA) provides Accessibility Compliance Testing Services (ACTS) for state websites. You can request a quote directly from CALPIA or visit the ACTS page for more information.

In order to procure products and/or services from the vendors listed on this page, departments must conduct a solicitation through an open competitive process, or utilize a Department of General Services Leveraged Procurement Agreements (LPAs) (i.e. CMAS - CA Multiple Award Schedule, IT-MSA - Master Service Agreement, SLP - Software License Program), Small Business (SB) or (DVBE) programs.

Leveraged Procurement Agreements (LPAs) allow departments to buy directly from suppliers through existing contracts and agreements. LPAs are available to California's State, county, city, special district, education and other government entities. Information on Leveraged Procurement Agreements (LPAs).


Information contained in this list is for general information purposes only. The State does not endorse, nor validate the vendor’s quality, reliability or ability to provide the products, services or information listed herein.

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Company Leveraged Procurement Agreement (LPAs) Products/Services
Access2online (Pending) No Website accessibility audits specifically tailored to AB 434 compliance. A half dozen Trusted Testers certified by the Office of Accessible Systems and Technology focused on Section 508 as required by California's Government Code Section 7405. Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS) certifications from the International Association of Accessibility Professionals. Labor rates a fraction of our competitors.
The Paciello Group No Accessibility consulting; Accessibility Resource Center (ARC); JAWS Inspect; TPG Tutor
Symsoft Solutions, LLC
  • CMAS Agreement 3-12-70-2335D Contract term: 8/10/2015 - 10/31/2020
  • IT-MSA, 5167010-191 Contract term: 4/21/2017 - 4/20/2020
  • Small Business #42571
Web and Mobile Solutions (Content Management Solutions, Business Intelligence, Applications), Design, Development and Support.
Technology Crest Corp
  • CMAS Contract # 3-12-702498B Contract term: 10/7/2015 - 10/31/2020
  • IT-MSA Contract # 5167010-199 Contract term: 04/21/2017 - 04/20/2020
  • Small Business #50078
Information Technology (IT) Services
Siteimprove, Inc. No Siteimprove helps bring an easier process to website accessibility and content management through our automated platform, manual testing, online academy, and experienced support staff.
  • Educate your teams and leadership through role-based courses in Siteimprove’s Accessibility Academy.
  • Easily identify content errors or accessibility issues so they can be fixed.
  • Role-based training and error reporting so you’re not getting bogged down by issues you’re not responsible for.
  • Analytics that will point you to the area of the website that you should focus on first while also identifying pages that can be deleted because they have 0 views.
Overall our platform is created to provide you eye-opening insights so you can continually maintain the best citizen-experience possible on your websites. Trusted by 7,000 customers world-wide.
AUDIOEYE, INC. Software Licensing Program - please search
CAl eProcure State Leveraged Procurement Agreements or DGS Software Licensing Program Publishers.
  • Dynamic Remediation Technology: Ally Managed Service
  • Secure and Trusted Remediation JavaScript Overlay
  • Auto-Remediation Technology
  • Manual Remediation Services
  • Advanced Remediation for Web Applications End-to-End Accessibility Compliance Auditing Services
  • Automated Testing
  • Technical Analysis & Testing
  • Functional Testing using Assistive Technologies (AT) Accessibility Compliance Certification Accessibility Consulting & Training AudioEye Digital Accessibility Platform: Web Accessibility Compliance Platform / Ecosystem
Providence Technology Group, Inc. No Providence Technology Group is a full service IT Consulting firm. Our experience combined with well-honed methodologies have made Providence Technology Group stand out as a premier provider of IT business solutions in Northern California. From IT Business Analysis to Project Management and Software Development, our staff are well-versed in a variety of valuable skill sets.
Dr. Keith Newton (dba Mantiaba Interactive) No Accessibility Testing, Accessibility Training
Exygy Inc. No Website Design and Development, Agile Software Development, Design Research, UX/UI, Visual Design, Change Management Consultation and Training.
Onix Networking Corp. No, However Onix states that they offer Professional services on GSA. Information Technology and Consulting Services Government, Education, Commercial- California Community College system (113 campuses), Notre Dame University, Texas A&M University, New York Times, WWE, Whirlpool, Washington Post, New Zealand Government, HENRICO Public Schools, University Credit Union, etc. Over 2,000 customers.
Performance Technology Partners (PTP) CMAS Contract #3-11-70-2339B Contract term: 7/29/13-9/1/18
MSA Contract #5167010-247 Contract term: 4/21/17-4/20/20
PTP is a Sacramento based professional services firm helping State Departments and commercial organizations improve how they interact with their citizens/customers. We do this by providing full accessibility to the customer facing solutions we design, develop, and maintain. These solutions include all customer channels (e.g., web, phone, email, and text) where accessibility and security are paramount. We specialize in accessibility initiatives including testing, training, remediation program improvement, regulatory compliance, and knowledge transfer. We also help our clients with strategy to include business problem analysis and roadmap development.

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