Department of Rehabilitation Inland Empire District

Welcome to the California Department of Rehabilitation - Inland Empire District Web Page.
Based on the Census 2000, the Inland Empire District (San Bernardino, Riverside, and Imperial counties) has a total population of 3,397,182 of which 387,627 are disabled and 1,091,491 speak a language other than English. We have services available in all geographical areas and can accommodate your communication needs. Our goal is to help you find and retain a career that matches your strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, capabilities, abilities and interests. DOR follows the informed choice model in helping you select a vocational goal and service options. Our professional staff will collaborate with you in a timely manner to help you achieve your employment goal.
We wish you well in pursuit of your career.
Thank you, Susan Senior, District Administrator

Inland Empire District Office
(951) 782-6650 (Voice)
(844) 729-2800 (TTY)
2010 Iowa Avenue
Riverside CA 92507
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