State Employee Benefits

The following information will provide you an overview of available State benefits. Some of these benefits are automatic and others are elective.

Retirement: Full-time State employees who are hired to work more than six months automatically become members of the California Public Employee's Retirement System (CALPERS) upon appointment. Employees with other types of appointments must meet certain criteria to become a member of CALPERS. CALPERS membership offers several types of benefits including: service retirement, disability retirement, industrial disability retirement, basic death benefits, and group term life insurance.

Health Coverage: As a State employee, you may be eligible for health insurance to help you pay the cost of hospital and other medical bills incurred by you and your eligible dependents. Eligibility for health insurance for State employees is based upon tenure and time base. Employees must have an appointment which lasts for more than six months and a time base of half-time or more. The State will pay for part of your health plan premiums as soon as you enroll. The State contribution is a flat dollar amount per month depending on the number of enrolled dependents.

Vision Program: The Vision Program for most employees and their dependents is automatic. Employees appointed on a permanent basis with a time base of at least half-time qualify and are automatically placed in the program.

Dental Coverage: Dental insurance is available for employees and their dependents. Employees appointed on a permanent basis with a time base of at least half-time or more qualifies.

Savings Plus Program: The Savings Plus Program (Department of Personnel Administration) is a long-term savings program that offers the employee two ways to save for retirement. The Deferred Compensation Plan (DCP), authorized and governed by Internal Revenue Code Section 457, and the Thrift Plan, authorized and governed by Internal Revenue Code 401 (K). These are both pre-tax retirement supplements which are voluntary and in addition to the CALPERS contribution.

FlexElect: FlexElect is a voluntary program which offers significant tax advantages and can increase your take home pay. It is offered to you by the State of California, Department of Personnel Administration, and is available to all eligible employees.

Other benefits that the State of California offers are Basic Group Term Life Insurance, Supplemental Life Insurance, Long Term Disability, Group Legal Services Plan, and Long-Term Care Insurance.

Vacation Leave: After the completion of six qualifying pay periods, vacation leave is earned and available for use.

Sick Leave: As a full-time employee, you are credited with sick leave on the first day of the month following completion of each pay period. Other time base employees earn hours in increments compared to full-time (i.e. half-time earn 4 hours, 3/4 time earn 6 hours, etc.). Sick leave is available for use after the completion of one month of State service.