Support Services Assistant (Interpreter)

The Interpreter at the DOR provides a wide range of interpreting services for Rehabilitation Counselors for the Deaf or other deaf or hard of hearing staff members. Positions are available in locations statewide. In order to gain the eligibility for employment, you must complete an examination in person. For more information on the exam, please visit the SSA(I) Exam Bulletin (RTF Format).


A SSA(I) facilitates communication between individuals with hearing impairments and hearing persons, by serving as an interpreter. The majority of positions are "Permanent Intermittent" (PI). This means that individuals hired PI will work on an "on-call" basis for up to a maximum of 1,500 hours per year. It may be possible to obtain a Permanent Full Time appointment to the class of support SSA(I) from the eligible list resulting from the exam.

For the full legal description of this job, go to the SSA(I) Specifications (TXT Format).


The requirements for the SSA(I) include either six months' experience providing interpreting services to hearing impaired persons or possession of at least one valid certificate issued by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.

For the full description, go to the SSA(I) Exam Bulletin (RTF) and read the section entitled Minimum Qualifications. These same Minimum Qualifications are also listed in the SSA(I) Specifications (TXT).