Upward Mobility Process

Upward Mobility is the planned development and advancement of employees in low paying occupations to entry technical, professional and administrative positions in State departments. An upward mobility program is an important part of a department's overall employment program for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • It can help meet departmental labor needs where recruitment problems exist.
  • It is an incentive to employees to develop their skills and be more valuable to the department.
  • It is a tool for increasing departmental diversity in professional, technical and administrative jobs.

The DOR recognizes the importance of maintaining an upward mobility program to assist in meeting staffing resource needs in occupations where recruitment of qualified staff is highly competitive and advancement is difficult to achieve. It is the DOR's intent to ensure that DOR staff represents the rich diversity of the consumer population served by the DOR and that staff in low paying classifications are provided the opportunity to develop and advance within the DOR's organization.

In compliance with Government Code Section 19401, it is the policy of the DOR to maintain and support an upward mobility program that provides training and development opportunities for staff within traditionally low paying occupations and that facilitates their advancement into entry level technical, professional and administrative positions.

Upward mobility is the joint responsibility of the employee and the department for which the employee works. DOR employees will be expected to demonstrate initiative to seek out upward mobility opportunities, to develop appropriate career plans and be willing to exercise additional effort beyond completion of their primary job duties. In addition, they must be able to develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to advance to an entry-level professional, technical or administrative classification.

No employee participating in upward mobility activities is guaranteed promotion. However, all employees are entitled to have a fair and equal opportunity to be considered for advancement. For more information, visit DOR's Upward Mobility Program (RTF).