Annual Requirement To Enact A Balanced State Budget - Fiscal Year 2010-2011

Proposition 58 amended the State Constitution in 2004 to require the CA Legislature to enact a balanced budget each year in which estimated resources for the year meet or exceed estimated expenditures. In achieving a balanced budget, the State of California may experience delays in finalizing the release of the annual State budget for Fiscal Year 2010/2011.In the event of a delay in approval of the budget by July 1, 2010; the Department of Rehabilitation will not have the authority to expend funds after June 30, 2010.

The Department will not have the ability to pay for any purchased goods or services until the budget is signed. We encourage our consumers and providers of goods and services to prepare for a possible delay in payments by identifying other cash resources. Please continue to submit invoices as the Department will begin processing payments immediately after the budget is signed. We apologize for any financial hardship this situation may cause.