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To: Office Services Supervisor III & II (NO4, SO4)
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From: Sandra Hamel, Statewide Supported Employment Coordinator

Through: Pat Santillanes, Acting Assistant Deputy Director
    Community Programs Support & Development


Date: July 2, 2009

Subject: VR/WAP Program – Authorizations and Invoices

This memo provides procedures regarding VR/WAP authorizations and invoices for work services. Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) work services rates in the Vocational Rehabilitation/Work Activity Program (VR/WAP) remain the same as the rates on the FY08-09 and FY09-10 DOR Work Activity Program (WAP) Rate List on the G-Drive.

The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) instituted a 3% percent "payment discount" on (non-DOR) WAP work services rates paid by the Regional Centers effective February 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010. However, these payment discounts do not apply to work services rates for DOR clients in the VR/WAP program.

Confusion may arise because Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs) are vendors of work services for both DOR consumers in our VR/WAP program and Regional Center consumers at rates set by DDS. Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors may question the authorization rate and/or CRP’s may submit an incorrect invoice to DOR for VR/WAP work services.


Authorized rates for work services in the VR/WAP program should be checked against the current DOR Work Activity Program (WAP) Rate List.

If CRPs incorrectly invoice DOR for work services or DOR staff incorrectly authorize at rates 3% lower than those listed on the DOR WAP Rate Lists, correction must be made to avoid potential payment problems.

Adjustment/Correction Procedures – If the difference between the incorrectly invoiced and/or authorized amount and the correct amount is:

Please direct questions to Sandra Hamel, Statewide SE Coordinator, at shamel(at), or (916) 558-5471. If more information is desired, or you would like a copy of the February 27, 2009 DDS Notice to Vendors, please also contact Sandra.

cc: Nina Presmont, Chief, Centralized Services