Blind Field Services

Blind Field Services (BFS) is one of fourteen Districts within the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR). BFS District was established as part of Specialized Services Division for Blind and Visually Impaired and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services. BFS became operational on July 1, 2003. Blind Field Services staff have specialized knowledge and skills in serving individuals with vision loss, and they are co-located with other DOR offices throughout the state.

The primary purpose in designing and implementing this statewide District was to bring all of the primary counselors serving the blind and visually impaired under a team of Rehabilitation Supervisors and an Administrator who understand the issues facing blind and visually impaired consumers in the areas of employment and independent living. The goal of BFS is to increase employment outcomes and enhance the independence and self-sufficiency for consumers in California who are blind and visually impaired by utilizing a team approach and by maintaining a core group of Counselors and Supervisors who understand the barriers our Consumers face in achieving meaningful employment and independent living.

The SSD Deputy Director and BFS Administrator provide guidance in interpretation of State and Federal regulations and policies. All Departmental staff in Blind Field Services have had training on the unique needs of this disability population and have specialized knowledge on issues relating to achieving employment and empowering consumers to become as independent as possible. Consumers served under the BFS District can access the full range of services available under California's vocational rehabilitation program.



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