Santa Barbara District's Supported Employment

Supported Employment Program

"Supported Employment" means
competitive employment in an integrated setting,
with ongoing support services for individuals
with the most significant disabilities.

The Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) through its Supported Employment Program (SEP) helps individuals with the most significant disabilities find employment and work alongside non-disabled employees in a variety of community job settings. The department partners with numerous Community Rehabilitation Programs to provide a range of vocational rehabilitation services directly to DOR consumers. In a spirit of equality and independence, the SEP enables DOR consumers work in mainstream jobs earning a wage or salary just like anyone else.

The Department provides both Individual and Group Supported Employment job support. Under Group Supported Employment, work crews arrive on time, ready to work, and perform each task according to your specifications and satisfaction. Work crews are trained and supervised by a Supported Employment professional.

For more information on Individual and Group opportunities, contact:
Nancy Coleman, Senior Vocational Rehabiliation Counselor at ncoleman(at)