Vocational Rehabilitation Modernization
(VR Mod)

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Star bullet iconAWARE (Accessible Web-based Activity Reporting Environment)

AWARE is a DOR internal, web-based, fully integrated, comprehensive case management software system designed for public vocational rehabilitation agencies.


Star bullet iconVendor Utilization Management (VUM) Project

The VUM Project redesigns and streamlines the authorization, invoicing, payments, and disencumbering processes, and modernize DOR's business model for establishing, purchasing, monitoring, and evaluating internal and external VR employment services.

  • Vendor Services Improvement (VSI) Project - The VSI sub-project will provide standardized vendor performance-based expectations by making changes to vendorization, certification, accreditation, and employment services processes to enhance DOR's ability to identify VR service gaps.

  • Vendor Invoicing Process (VIP) Project - The VIP sub-project will redesign the authorizing, invoicing, and payments processes; policies and procedures; to ensure effective, appropriate, and timely authorization of services and commodities, approval of invoices, payments, and disencumbering of funds.


Star bullet iconVocational Rehabilitation Service Delivery (VRSD) Project

VRSD transforms DOR's approach to service delivery to keep up with changes in consumer expectations and technology, and to meet federal requirements. VRSD streamlines service delivery and enhances the quality and effectiveness of the services we provide our consumers.