Employment Services

Vocational Evaluation - Assist consumers by using standardized testing to provide information about the individual's abilities, vocational preferences, job readiness, work related behaviors, supports and accommodations required for employment. Modalities used may include work samples such as: VALPAR or SINGER, and/or basic vocational interest and aptitude testing.

Vocational Assessment - Assist consumers by determining their educational/vocational levels, transferable work skills, abilities and interests.

Situational Assessment - Assist consumers by assessing their level of vocational functioning through job exploration and job tryout in various integrated settings in the community. Information from interviews with consumers support system and observations are included in identifying barriers to employment. Work tryouts at appropriate sites matching the vocational objective(s) of the consumer are organized by the service provider as part of the situational assessment.

Personal, Vocational and Social Adjustment (PVSA) - Assist consumers by training them in appropriate work-related skills, attitudes, and behaviors, to eliminate behaviors that have been identified as barriers to employment. Assist the consumer in understanding the meaning, value and demands of work. Work behaviors and attitudes, personal characteristics and functional capacities required for employment are developed and emphasized.

Job Placement - Assist consumers to seek appropriate competitive employment. Training in job seeking skills may be included. Short-term follow up services may be provided to assist consumer in job stabilization.

Job Coaching* - Assist consumers by providing support on or off the job in improving and/or stabilizing job performance and retention.

Work Services* - Assists consumer by providing paid work and needed vocationally related support services to enable individuals to maintain and improve their work skills.

Supported Employment* - Assists consumer toward work in an integrated community setting by providing ongoing support, such as job coaching. The disabled worker's rate of pay is at or above the customary wage and benefits for the same tasks performed by individuals who are not disabled.

Supported Employment Program (SEP) and Vocational Rehabilitation/Work Activity Program (VR/WAP) Forms, Publications and Correspondence

*Public or Private Not For Profit agencies that are interested in providing Work Services and Supported Employment Job Coaching to developmentally disabled individuals may contact the Department's Community Resources Development (CRD) unit for information on the approval process. More information on services for the developmentally disabled can be found at the Department of Developmental Services website (www.dds.ca.gov).