WCAG 1.0 Level A Checkpoint 8.1

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“Make programmatic elements such as scripts and applets directly accessible or compatible with assistive technologies.”

In other words, the script or applet itself should meet all of the requirements of Section 508, WCAG Level A, or whatever level of conformance has been specified for your project.

Checkmark icon Note: This is a Priority 1 Checkpoint if the functionality is important and not presented elsewhere. Otherwise, it is a Priority 2 Checkpoint.

Some scripts, when invoked, produce purely decorative effects such as highlighting an image or changing the color of an element's text. Other scripts produce much more substantial effects, such as carrying out a calculation, providing important information to the user, or submitting a form. It is the second type that is referred to here as a Priority 1 Checkpoint.


Directly Accessible Applets

Directly Accessible Scripts