WCAG 1.0 Double A Checkpoint 9.2

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“Ensure that any element that has its own interface can be operated in a device-independent manner.”

For example, if you have a Java applet embedded in your page, ensure that it uses device-independent events (does not depend on a mouse, for example).

Device Independence

Users must be able to interact with documents using the supported input and output devices of their choice and according to their needs. Input devices may include pointing devices, keyboards, Braille devices, head wands, microphones, and others. Output devices may include monitors, speech synthesizers, and Braille devices.

Please note that "device-independent support" does not mean that developers must support every input or output device. Developers should offer redundant input and output mechanisms for those devices that are supported. For example, if a page supports keyboard and mouse input, visitors should be able to interact with all features using either the keyboard or the mouse.


Device Independence