California Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities (CCEPD)

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On January 1, 2012, the Governor's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities (GCEPD) will be transferred from the Employment Development Department to the Department of Rehabilitation. Along with the transfer, the name has been changed to the California Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities (CCEPD). With strong support of the California Health and Human Services Agency and the Department of Rehabilitation, the new committee will build upon the legacy of the Governor's Committee to further advance employment opportunities for people with disabilities in California.

The California Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities is established in California statute to advance the employment of people with disabilities in the state. Policy-related responsibilities of the committee were first defined in the Workforce Inclusion Act (Aroner, Statutes of 2002) and amended as part of the Budget Act of 2011, under Assembly Bill 119. The primary function of the committee is to consult with and advise the Secretary of the Labor and Workforce Development Agency and the Secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency on all issues related to full inclusion in the workforce of persons with disabilities, in order to:

  1. Bring individuals with disabilities into gainful employment at a rate that is as close as possible to that of the general population.

  2. Support the goals of equality of opportunity, full participation, independent living, and economic self-sufficiency for these individuals.

  3. Ensure that state government is a model employer of individuals with disabilities.

  4. Support state coordination with, and participation in, benefits planning training and information dissemination projects supported by private foundations and federal grants.

CCEPD 2013-14 Recommendations

In 2013 and 2014, the CCEPD worked to develop a series of policy recommendations aimed at increasing the employment rate of Californians with Disabilities. “Operation California First: Recommendations to Advance Employment Outcomes for Californians with Disabilities” is a comprehensive report of all the recommendations the CCEPD voted to forward to the Secretaries at the June 12, 2014 meeting.

Stakeholder Input Request

The CCEPD has a focus on increasing the number of persons with disabilities employed in the health care industry sector. To achieve this goal, the CCEPD is exploring education and training opportunities available to students with disabilities. CCEPD contracted with WestEd, a nonprofit research, development, and service agency, to develop a white paper exploring career pathway educational opportunities and challenges for students with disabilities. Through stakeholder input, the paper will offer policy recommendations that will promote the education, preparation and inclusion of persons with disabilities in the health care industry sector.

Your participation in the stakeholder input is valued and requested. Please take a moment to complete the following survey:


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