About Portable Document Format (PDF)

To view and print a PDF publication, you must have a PDF reader software (like Adobe Reader) installed on your PC.

PDF files are printer independent and can be used to easily print a duplicate of the publication using any graphics printer (i.e., laser, inkjet, dot-matrix or plotter) but, not daisy-wheel printers. It allows the reader to print a publication close in appearance to the original printed version, preserving typography, columns, charts, tables and graphics.

Adobe Reader may already be installed on your computer as a "plug-in" or "helper application" for your web browser. To find out, click on the "PDF" link for the document that you are interested in. If Adobe Reader is properly installed on your computer, it will either download or automatically open a PDF copy of the document, depending on your browser and how it is configured.

If the Adobe Reader is not installed on your computer, it can be found, free of charge, at the Adobe Reader download page.

If you are using a screen reader, you may find that it will not read some documents in PDF format. Adobe provides an Adobe Accessibility Resource Center website that may assist you with converting the non-accessible PDF files to a format that is useable with a screen reader.

The Department of Rehabilitation does have accessible PDF files on its Website. Those files has been designed to work correctly with the Jaws (version 4.5 or higher) or Window Eyes (version 4.2 or higher) screen readers. You must also have Adobe Reader (version 5.0.5 or higher) with the accessibility plug-in for the accessible PDF items to work correctly. There may be some PDF files on the Department's website that may not work correctly with screen readers. If you need them in another format (tape, Braille,...), please contact externalaffairs@dor.ca.gov or (916) 558-5874.

If you have difficulties viewing PDF files on some other site, please contact the Webmaster of that site for assistance. If you have difficulties with a PDF document on our site please contact the Department's Webmaster.