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Infogrip Inc.

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For over 20 years Infogrip has been selling and training on a wide range of assistive technology and ergonomic equipment. We train, configure, install and sell complete solutions for persons with disabilities. We have both low tech and high tech solutions. Products include but are not limited to independent living aids, specialized computer hardware and accessories such as ability switches, alternative and ergonomic keyboards and mouse alternatives. We also have inclusive and specialized learning materials and curriculum aids as well as specialized curricular software. Other items, include height adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs monitor arms , keyboard trays, foot rests, eye-gaze, head trackers, environmental controls, screen readers, screen magnifiers, blindness and low vision products, OCR (optical character recognition), voice recognition, iPad accessories, Apple products, Mac computers, PC and Windows computers and tablets and inclusive reading and writing software.



Infogrip Inc.
1899 E Main St.
Ventura, CA 93001

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Aaron Gaston
(805) 652-0770
(805) 652-0880

Goods and Services

Goods and Equipment

Low Vision/Blind

Deaf and Hard of Hearing


Specialty Services

Learning/Intellectual/Brain Injuries

Assistive Technology Evaluation Services

Authorized Dealer List

ABISee, AiSquared, Dolphin, Dragon(Nuance), Enhanced Vision, HumanWare, LookyHD, MathTalk