Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

Deaf and Hard of Hearing services provide a wide range of vocational rehabilitation services to persons who are deaf, hard of hearing, late deafened and deaf-blind. The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Counselors are qualified as being proficient in American Sign Language (ASL) to ensure direct communication access with consumers who use ASL as their primary mode of communication. Deaf and Hard of Hearing Counselors are located in most offices throughout the State. You do need to be a consumer of the Department to receive services.


Specialized services provided by Deaf and Hard of Hearing Counselors include: Deaf culture and awareness, Communication techniques, Assistive listening devices and other rehabilitation technology, Interpreter services, Referrals and assistance to obtain services from specialized agencies, Specialized vocational and other training services, Audiologic and hearing aid assessments, ADA requirements for communication accessibility, and Resources for hard of hearing and late deafened individuals.

American Sign Language Bilingual Fluency Evaluations

American Sign Language (ASL) Testing and Certification - The Department of Rehabilitation, through its Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Section, is the sole department authorized to conduct the statewide American Sign Language Bilingual Proficiency examination for all state employees. This exam is designed to measure skills in vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and competency in ASL communication. Cost for this examination to each requesting department is $115.00 for each employee/candidate taking the exam. To request an ASL Bilingual exam and/or for more information, please contact Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services.

Additional information about foreign language bilingual testing and certification can be found on the CalHR Bilingual page.

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