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The DOR offers
DOR Student Services and
DOR Employment Services

Student Services

Activities that support you in exploring and preparing for the world of work. Services are based on your interests – you could try a bunch of activities, or just a few. They include:

  • Job counseling to help you find out about different kinds of jobs and help you make a decision on what job will be best for you.

  • Work experiences to help you find an employer that will let you get real-world work experience. This is a good way to try working.

  • Services that help you learn about enrolling in education and training programs that support your career goal.

  • Skills for work services that help you learn good work habits and skills to prepare for success on the job.

  • Self-advocacy services that help you to practice how to ask for what you want or need when you are at work.

To participate in DOR Student Services

  • You must be a student (you need to be enrolled in school, but it's okay if you're on break or if school hasn't started yet).

  • You must be between the ages of 16 and 21 (including 16 and 21).

  • At least one of these options must be true:

    • You have a 504 Plan, or you’re eligible for one if you want one.
    • You have an Individualized Education Program (IEP).
    • You have a disability.

If you qualify for Student Services but also need additional Employment Services, you may receive both at the same time. Just let the DOR representative that contacts you know.

If you do not qualify for Student Services, you may still receive Employment Services. To request Employment Services, select the Request Employment Services button.

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*You must be between the ages of 16 and 21 to receive Student Services

Employment Services

Services that support you in getting a job, keeping a job, or promoting in your current job. They include:

  • Job counseling and guidance.

  • Education and training services to help you gain the skills needed for a job.

  • Required tools and supplies to get assistance with schoolbooks and supplies.

  • Support services, such as assistive devices, job coaching, childcare, or transportation.

  • Job search and interview skills services that help you search for a job and prepare for an interview.

  • Benefits counseling services that help you learn about your Social Security benefits and how they may change when you get a job.

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