Office Address:
2160 Lundy Avenue
Suite 115
San Jose, CA 95131


Woman with purple hair wearing red rimmed glasses and whitewashed jean jacket over navy t-shirt

Cynthia Vo

Main Phone Line: (669) 207-0014

Hello, my name is Cynthia Vo. I’m a Service Coordinator for Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) providing Student Services. As a Student Services Coordinator, I work directly with DOR clients aged 16-21 receiving DOR Student Services and support the Student Services Counselor. Our team currently manages the Transition Partnership Program for Fremont Union high school district. We invite students who are interested in receiving DOR Student Services to attend our outreach events or Student Services workshops.


Woman with grey hair wearing blue rimmed prescription glasses

Julianne Dimassis

Main Phone Line: (669) 207-0018

Hello, my name is Julianne– "Julianna" to clients, colleagues, and friends. I am the Student Services Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for Team 3 of the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) San Jose North office. I have been with the DOR since March of 2021 and work primarily with high school and college students ages 16-21. My professional background includes certifications in Cognitive and Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Military Counseling and Disabled Student Services in community college and university settings.

Currently, I am the Team 3 Student Services division lead in our office, as well as having a large caseload for Student Services in conjunction with the Fremont Unified High School District’s TPP and Vocational Rehabilitation with clients transitioning from TPP to VR.


Man with short salt and pepper hair wearing a navy sportcoat over blue and white striped dress shirt

Louie Cayabyab

Main Phone Line: (669) 207-0014

Hi, my name is Louie. I used to be a teacher, but now I work at the Department of Rehabilitation, San Jose North Branch Office as a Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. I am a counselor for students receiving services through Transition Partnership Program for Palo Alto Unified School District and Milpitas Unified School District. I am a baby boomer, but I can work well with Generations X, Y, and Z.


Woman with blonde hair wearing prescription glasses and a tan sweater

Michelle Swartz

Main Phone Line: (669) 207-0622

Hi I’m Michelle, the Student Services Vocational Counselor for Eastside Union High School District in San Jose at the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR). I have been with the DOR since 2020 and work primarily with high school and college students ages 16-21. I really enjoy working with high school and college students because they have so much enthusiasm and potential. Currently, I am the main counselor for those receiving Student Services through the Transition Partnership Programs for the twelve high schools Eastside Union High School District TPP.