Agency/State entity internet websites must be in compliance with California Government Code Sections 7405 and 11135, and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. The following links will give you the technical assistance you need to start determining if your websites are compliant with California Government Code Section 11546.7 (AB 434), and various tools to modify your site to make it accessible.

CDT Website Accessibility Training

Introductory training for web accessibility is no longer available. In its place, offerings for general web accessibility awareness training, document accessibility training for document creators, and technical web accessibility training for web developers through the Department of Technology are being worked on. More to come!


It’s important to effectively plan prior to starting an accessibility assessment. The assessment planning documents will help determine tasks and work needed, how to approach and implement the work practically, what standards you will use, the number or resources required and how to communicate the results.


Usability and accessibility are different lenses to assess user experience. An accessibility assessment supports evaluation of IT systems for compliance with applicable statutes and policies. For a system to truly be accessible, it must be usable for the person employing assistive technology and provide an experience comparable to a person not using assistive technology.


Usability and accessibility remediation efforts ensure existing systems provide equal access, satisfy compliance regulations and improve user experience. Things to consider for a when drafting remediation plan for accessibility:

  • Key decision makers
  • Remediation of existing systems known usability and accessibility issues
  • Future process improvements