State Employer

The Department of Rehabilitation is California's number one provider for staffing solutions involving individuals with disabilities. We build strong enduring partnerships with California's state departments by providing access to the most qualified applicants with disabilities for vacancies in many civil classifications. Integrating a fully diverse workforce is one of the centerpieces in today’s hiring standards, and DOR has created opportunities for state agencies and departments to continue to build a California for all in their workplaces. With each of our state departments in mind, DOR strives to improve a wide variety of accessibility features, hiring regulations of applicants with disabilities, and workplace transparency of diversity and inclusiveness for everyone.

As a state department, we can relate to the difficulties of finding the desired applicant pools when trying to meet any state required hiring standards. That’s why we have partnership with CalHR to provide information and access to the State Internship Program (SIP) and the Limited Eligibility Appointment Program (LEAP). Using these programs, we now have the opportunity to aid each state department in hiring well qualified individuals with disabilities. Additionally, DOR has created tools and resources to improve your accessibility awareness, incorporate a more diverse hiring pool, and fully enrich your departments’ work environment. Connect with us for more information on how you can get started today. Let’s continue to build a California for all!