Supported Employment Program (SEP) Authorization

PERMISSION TO PROVIDE SERVICES: In order to communicate the Department of Rehabilitation's intention to pay for group job coaching services, the Rehabilitation Counselor completes and sends the DR383A Supported Employment – Group Job Coaching Referral & Authorization to the vendor. The following information is shown on the DR383A:

  • Rate
  • Hours Authorized
  • Dates of Service
  • Projected Stabilization Date
  • DOR District
  • Rehabilitation Counselor name and contact information
  • Weekly work hours
  • Maximum monthly group job coach hours
  • Itemizes monthly Lunch Break Support hours to be included in the monthly group job coach hours

Tip: Upon receipt of DR383A, the vendor adds participant to draft reporting forms DR385D Supported Employment – Group Invoice Detail and DS1964 Supported Employment Group Billing and Attendance Form for each month in the specified 90 day period. The SEP Invoicing page has more information about the 90 day period.