Supported Employment Program (SEP) Invoicing


INVOICING INSTRUCTIONS: Please provide the following documentation of group job coaching services to this consumer for payment as follows:

  • Department of Rehabilitation SEP Forms:
    • Complete, and email, the DR384 SE Monthly Job Coach Report and, if applicable, the DR384A SE Proposed Plan to Improve Performance forms to the consumer's Rehabilitation Counselor at: - where the UserID is the Counselor's email account.

    • Complete and mail (through the U. S. Postal Service) hard copies of the DR385C Supported Employment - Group Invoice Summary and the DR385D Supported Employment - Group Invoice Detail with the DR384 above and, if applicable, the DR384A attached, and marked "Re: SEP Group Invoices" (written on the outside of the envelope in the bottom left corner) to your local District Office.
      This will be the same address to which individual job coaching invoices should be sent.

  • Complete the DS1964 Supported Employment Group Billing and Attendance Form, available on the Department of Developmental Services SEP/WAP Work Services Forms page.

    • Use the following codes to identify the funding source on the DS1964:

      Until DS1964 (rev 2/11) is revised:

      Once DS1964 is revised:

      • Leave the authorization number column blank.
      • Enter the 3-digit DOR district code in the funded by column.
    • Name the DS1964 Excel file in the following manner on your computer:

      • The 3-digit SEP number (i.e. 123, 876, ...)

      • Billing Month and Year (i.e. March 2011, April 2011, ...)

      • Form Name (e.g. DS1964)

      Combining all the above steps together should produce a file on your computer named something similar to this example:

      123 April 2011 DS1964.xls

      (This is only an example, and should NOT be used as the actual file name on YOUR Excel document.)

    • If the Excel file is Password-protected, email the password separately to the District specific SEP email address

    • Email the DS1964s separately to the District specific SEP email address for supported employment groups (SEP GP) with Department of Rehabilitation consumers.


Personnel responsible for District Group Authorization / Invoice Approval can be reached through the following email Mailboxes:

The following information is organized by District Name – District Number – District SEP Email Address for use with the forms above.

District Name – District Number – District SEP Email Address

Redwood Empire –

Northern Sierra –

San Joaquin Valley –

Greater East Bay –

San Francisco –

San Jose –

Santa Barbara –

Inland Empire –

San Diego –

Van Nuys/Foothill –

Greater Los Angeles –

LA South Bay –

Orange/San Gabriel –

Blind Field Services – 560 – Use email of Geographic District above.