SRC Committees


The SRC utilizes a committee structure to provide for greater discussion, analysis and oversight of the SRC's mandated responsibilities and to assist with carrying out the SRC's administrative functions. Each SRC committee may prepare recommendations for the full Council's consideration. The SRC committees include:

  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Assigned areas include partnering with DOR on the Consumer Satisfaction Survey and the Comprehensive Statewide Assessment; reviewing and analyzing trends in Office of Administrative Hearing decisions; and, reviewing DOR's progress on federal and state performance measures.

  • Policy: Analyzes, evaluates and develops recommendations regarding DOR's current (and proposed) programs, policies and services.

  • Unified State Plan: Partners with DOR on the Comprehensive Statewide Assessment and the VR Services Portion of the Unified State Plan.

  • Executive Planning: This committee is comprised of the SRC Officers and Committee chairs and meetings to plan for the quarterly meeting and address any time-sensitive leadership issues that may arise.


SRC Contact Information

Kate Bjerke

Executive Officer
State Rehabilitation Council (SRC)
(916) 558-5897
721 Capitol Mall
Sacramento, CA 95814


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