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State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) members are appointed by the Governor and serve three year, staggered terms. According to federal law, members on the SRC must represent various communities that work with the Department of Rehabilitation. Each year, the SRC chooses new officers for the new Federal Fiscal Year, beginning October 1 - September 30.


Danielle Anderson, Chair

Danielle Anderson Photo

Ventura County
(Consumer representative)

As a former consumer, Danielle Anderson is the Executive Director of the Independent Living Resource Center. She brings ten years of experience working and volunteering within the disability community to the position. Danielle has served a Community Living Advocate in Ventura County, assisting disabled consumers with a variety of independent living services such as transportation, peer support and transportation.

Prior to working at the Independent Living Resource Center, she worked for the California Department of Health Care Services preparing department-wide training and budget management. As part of her position at the California Department of Rehabilitation, Danielle handled the logistics and other issues for the Youth Leadership Forum for Students with Disabilities.

Danielle is completing her Bachelor's Degree in Communications at California State University Channel Islands.


Lesley Ann Gibbons, Vice-Chair

Lesley Ann Gibbons Photo

Sonoma County
(Business, Industry, & Labor representative)

Lesley Ann Gibbons is a director and an owner of Sterling Adaptives, a company that provides assistive technology products and services for people with disabilities. Lesley Ann also serves on the board of EmploymentLINK California Corporation, which is a non-profit organization working to increase employment, financial independence, and economic stability for persons with disabilities in California.

Raised and educated in the United Kingdom, Lesley Ann has a wealth of experience as both an administrator and employer, and as an advocate for people with disabilities.







Jacqueline Jackson

Jacqueline Jackson Photo

San Diego County
(State Independent Living Council representative)

Jacqueline Jackson is a Non-profit management consultant and an Advocate for people who are differently-able. She has over 25 years of management experience working in the non-profit business sector. In 2013, Governor Brown appointed Jacqueline to the State Independent Living Council and in 2014 the Governor appointed her to the State Rehabilitation Council. Since 2012, Jacqueline has served as the Blind and Low Vision Representative for the Public Utilities Commission, and the Deaf and Disabled Telecommunication Equipment Program Advisory Committee.

Jacqueline is a passionate community volunteer. She is the President of the San Diego Braille Club, an affiliate chapter of the California Council of the Blind. She serves on the County of San Diego Committee on Disability Issues, The Voter Accessibility Advisory Committee, and The Neighborhood House Association Adult Day Health Center Advisory Committee. She is the Advocacy Chairperson for Rady Children's Hospital Axillary South East Cluster Unit.

Jacqueline received her Master's Degree in Leadership with an emphasis in Non-Profit Business Management from the University of San Diego and is a San Diego State University Alumnus. She is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and the founding President of The San Diego Delta Foundation.


Victoria Benson

Victoria Benson Photo

Fresno County
(Parent Training & Information Center representative)

As a parent of an adult son that is labeled severely physically and developmentally delayed, Victoria has advocated both professionally and personally for educational entitlement, inclusion and Person Centered rights throughout the nation.

In 1992, she began work as a special education educational trainer and advocate for the Central California Parent Training and Information Center. Since 2003, she is the Director of SOAR! (Self Awareness, Overcoming Obstacles, Achieving Success, Reaching for the Stars), a Parent Information and Training Program, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Rehabilitative Services Demonstration and Training Program.

As Director, she participates in the presentation and organization of various community, regional, state and national trainings and conferences on topics including: Early Intervention, IEP, Adult Transition, Inclusion and Supported Living.


Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas Photo

Sacramento County
(Client Assistance Program representative)













Inez De Ocio

Inez De Ocio Photo

Fresno County
(Qualified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Ex-Officio Member)













Daniel Avegalio

Daniel Avegalio Photo

Yuba County
(Community Rehabilitation Program Service Provider representative)













Marc Espino

Marc Espino Photo

San Diego County
(American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Programs representative)













La Quita Wallace

La Quita Wallace Photo

Yolo County
(Business, Labor & Industry representative)














Marcus Williams

Marcus Williams Photo

Alameda County
(Business, Labor & Industry representative)














Deanna Strachan

Deanna Strachan Photo

San Luis Obispo County
(Disability Advocacy Group representative)

Deanna Strachan has 19 years of management experience in the mental health and public health fields. In her current role as Program Manager for Transitions-Mental Health Association, Deanna developed the Employment Services Program in San Luis Obispo and North Santa Barbara Counties. This accredited program provides employment services for people with mental illnesses and educates employers about mental health workplace issues. She believes in the importance of work for all especially as it relates to one's overall wellness, sense of identity, social connections and independence.

Deanna holds a B.A. Degree in Psychology, from Cal State Fullerton, a certificate in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation from Boston University and is a designated Disability Management Specialist. In her personal life, she is an artist, musician and outdoors enthusiast. Creating art has been a source for her own healing and mental wellness. Her art is currently being shown through "Art About Town" with the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art.


Meriah Nichols

Meriah Nichols Photo

Humboldt County
(Disability Advocacy Group representative)














Abby Snay

Abby Snay Photo

San Francisco County
(CA Workforce Investment Board representative)














Barbara Boyd

Sacramento County
(California Department of Education representative)













Joe Xavier, Ex Officio Member

Joe Xavier Photo

Sacramento County

In 2014, Joe Xavier became the Department of Rehabilitation's Director. Prior to his being Director, he served as Deputy Director for the Specialized Services Division since 2010, responsible for Blind Field Services, the Orientation Center for the Blind, the Older Individuals who are Blind Program, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Section, and the Business Enterprises Program.

Joe has over 28 years' experience in business and public administration, as well as many years participating in advocacy and community organizations.










  • One Business, Industry and Labor representative



For more information on SRC membership, please contact the SRC office at (916) 558-5897, or e-mail


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