Older Individuals who are Blind Program

The Older Individuals who are Blind (OIB) Program provides services to visually impaired individuals age 55 and older to assist them to live independently in California. The OIB seeks to stimulate independent living, empowerment and full inclusion of older individuals who are blind. Provide training and skill building for professionals and consumers serving the older blind population. It also seeks to reaching out to expand and enhance services in rural and other unserved and under served areas.

OIB Voluntary Match Information

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You may use the Reporting Documents (attachments), as indicated on the letters sent out (see letters above), if your agency is able to provide cash or in-kind match for the OIB grants to provide services to Californians who are blind or visually impaired and 55 years of age or older. For any questions regarding this information, please contact Blind Field Services, at BlindInfo(at)dor.ca.gov or by calling Blind Field Services at (916) 558-5480.



DOR also administers Federal Title VII, Chapter 2 grants, for services to persons 55 or older who have a visual impairment. They can be found on the DOR Grants page and include Blind Services Grants, and OIB Grants.

List of OIB Agencies - 2016 (RTF)


RSA-7-OB Annual Report - Independent Living Services For Older Individuals Who Are Blind

Executive Summary of the 7-OB Report


The reports present the data as submitted to the Rehabilitation Services Administration.



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To ask a question about OIB, e-mail Blind Field Services at BlindInfo@dor.ca.gov



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