Personal Support Services

These services are offered primarily by individual service providers (ISP):

Readers (ISP only)

Assists consumers by directly reading or tape recording textbooks or other materials selected by the consumers and related to the consumer's course of study, when that service is not provided by the school system. The reader may perform routine services at the direction of the student, such as checking specific course-related books out of the library. All readers shall demonstrate the ability to read aloud clearly and intelligibly, and pronounce words at the level necessary for job performance.

Notetakers (ISP only)

Assists consumers by taking notes during a class or transcribing material from a textbook, computer or other source, when that service is not provided by the school system.

Drivers (ISP only)

Assists consumers by providing driving services, using their own or the client's vehicle.

Attendants (ISP only)

Assists consumers by providing personal, individualized assistant services such as getting up on time, assisting with toileting, dressing, personal grooming, hygiene, meals and mobility, managing a schedule, accompanying the consumer to places where services are not available, setting up special equipment, and other support functions.