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Various facts and frequently asked questions regarding individuals with disabilities, as well as contact information for the Workplace Solutions staff.

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Answers to employers' most frequently asked questions about hiring individuals with disabilities.

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The DOR Workforce Development Section is the primary contact unit for Workplace Development, "What's in it for Your Business?"

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Designated Employment Coordinators are available to assist businesses with their staffing-related questions and/or provide links to local DOR offices. To request the contact information of an Employment Coordinator in your area, please email us at

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DOR Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors are available to assist businesses with their future staffing needs.


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StarSuccess Story

"We didn't hire Fidel because of his disability; we hired him because of his background in construction, office skills, motivation and determination."

Dio Martinez, Manager
Remedial Construction Services, Inc


Talent Knows No Limits