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DR 1000 (REGS/Rev. 09/11)


An applicant or consumer may seek informal review, through the counselor's supervisor, as set forth below, concurrently with requesting administrative review, mediation or a fair hearing. An informal review decision will be issued within a reasonable time. An administrative review decision will be rendered within 15 days of the date of the request. An applicant or consumer may request a fair hearing within 1 year of receipt of a written denial or action relating to an application for or receipt of services, or within 30 days of an administrative review decision.

If questions or problems arise while you are an applicant or consumer of the Department of Rehabilitation, please talk with your Rehabilitation Counselor and/or call the Client Assistance Program (CAP). You may bring a family member or other representative with you any time you meet with Department staff.

If you are dissatisfied with any action or decision of the Department, you have the right to speak to a Rehabilitation Supervisor, have an Administrative Review by the District Administrator, or file a formal request for a mediation and/or Fair Hearing. In fact, you can always file for a mediation and/or Fair Hearing at any time; however, many problems can be resolved informally and more quickly at the local level.

You have the right to take any of the following steps should issues arise:

COUNSELOR Many misunderstandings and problems can be solved by talking them over with your Rehabilitation Counselor. Sometimes your counselor may not know that a problem exists. It is your responsibility to tell him / her.

SUPERVISOR If you believe that you and your counselor cannot resolve the issue, you may ask for an informal review meeting with your counselor's supervisor to discuss the problem.

ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW If the issue is not resolved with the Rehabilitation Supervisor, you may request an Administrative Review by the District Administrator. The Administrative Review must be requested within one year of the decision with which you disagree. If the issue is still not resolved at this level, you may request a mediation and/or Fair Hearing within 30 days of receipt of an Administrative Review decision.

MEDIATION You may request confidential mediation at any time within one year of the action or decision with which you disagree, or within 30 days of receipt of an Administrative Review decision. If you and the Department representatives are not able to resolve the issue directly, a qualified, impartial mediator can help you find solutions that are satisfactory for both of you. If the Department agrees to mediate, a mediation will be held within 25 calendar days from receipt of your request, unless you agree to a later date. Request for Mediation forms are available from Department staff and/or CAP advocates. A written request or completed request form (DR 107) should be mailed to the DOR Mediation Coordinator, Office of Administrative Hearings, 2349 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95833 (Voice 916-263-0654) or faxed to 916-376-6318 or 916-263-0549. TTY users may call 711 and give the California Relay Service (CRS) operator the mediation office phone number. The CRS operator will then connect and relay the call. Requests for mediation may also be made at the same time a request for Fair Hearing is filed with the Rehabilitation Appeals Board.

FAIR HEARING If you are dissatisfied with any action or decision of DOR relating to your application or to your services, you can request a "fair hearing" within one year after the DOR decision or action. The hearing will be held within 45 calendar days from the receipt of your request unless you agree to a delay. At the hearing, you may appear in person, may be accompanied by a representative, or other advocate of your choice. It may be to your benefit to work through the Administrative Review process discussed above, first, before requesting a formal fair hearing. Many problems can be resolved locally, informally, and more quickly. For information on requesting a fair hearing, you may contact the District Administrator in your local DOR district office. If you are not satisfied with the Fair Hearing decision, you can file a writ of mandate within six months of this decision with the California Superior Court.

DISCRIMINATION If you believe that the Department or its contractor has unlawfully discriminated against you (because of your race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, medical condition, physical or mental disability, gender, or age), you have an opportunity for prompt administrative review by supervisory staff and/or an informal Equal Employment Opportunity Counselor review followed, when necessary, by a formal investigation. An oral or written request for administrative review must be made to the office's District Administrator with information described in regulation section 7353.5. A request for informal review, or for a form to file a formal complaint, may be made to the Department's Office of Civil Rights, by calling 916-558-5850 or TTY 916-558-5852. A request for review and complaint must be made within 180 days of the date of alleged discrimination. You may also file a formal complaint with the US Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights by calling 415-486-5555 or TTY 877-521-2172.

CLIENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM The Client Assistance Program may be available to assist you during the entire rehabilitation and appeals processes. You can call them toll free at Voice 800-952-5544 or TTY 866-712-1085.


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