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Contract #2-13-99-01

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This State Price Schedule (SPS) is an agreement designed to promote the timely delivery of assistive technology so that state employees with disabilities or clients of the California Department of Rehabilitation can gain the benefits of reasonable accommodation in a prompt manner.


Department of Rehabilitation

The Department of Rehabilitation Contract Administrator listed below is the single point of contact for supplier performance issues, problem resolution, maintenance of supplier price lists and related SPS issues.

Contact Name: Simone Dumas
Telephone: (916) 558-5680
Facsimile: (916) 558-5681
Email: SPS-AT@dor.ca.gov

DOR/Procurement Division
Attn: Simone Dumas
721 Capitol Mall, 6th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

DGS/Procurement Division

The Department of General Services, Procurement Division (DGS/PD) Contract Administrator is the single point of contact for application questions and issues regarding terms and conditions of the SPS.

Contact Name: Tina Larios
Telephone: (916) 443-9776
Facsimile: (916) 375-4522
Email: Tina.Larios@dgs.ca.gov

DGS/Procurement Division
Attn: Tina Larios
707 Third Street
West Sacramento, CA 95605-2807

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