Invoice Processing

Vendor receives an authorization document (e.g., DR 297) that includes the specific service(s) and/or good(s) authorized, the consumer or individual who is to receive the good(s) or service(s), and the service period and cost.

- Vendor provides the service(s) and/or good(s) to the consumer.

- Vendor prepares and submits invoice to the District Office through either the VRC Portal account, district invoice email, or mail; then submits the required supporting VR services forms as directed by the District or Branch Office.

- DOR reviews invoice to ensure accuracy and confirms that the goods and/or services have been provided. Upon approval, DOR requests the State Controller’s Office (SCO) to issue payment.

- SCO audits the invoice and, if approved, issues a check to the Vendor’s remittance address listed on the invoice.

DOR audits each invoice for the following:

- The invoice includes all items required for processing the invoice through State Controller’s Office (SCO).

- The goods and services were authorized.

- The goods and services were actually provided to the consumer.

- The good and/or service provided and amount invoiced is consistent with the DOR authorization.

- All required service reports and/or other required documents were submitted.

- If acceptable, the invoice is forwarded on to Central Office Accounting and SCO for approval and payment.

If you are receiving payment through a contract or grant, are an Individual Service Provider, or you provide Supported Employment or health care/medical services, you must submit invoices on the DOR required form(s).  Otherwise, you may submit an invoice on your business letterhead or template. However, to ensure timely processing and payment it is important that the invoice includes the required information. 

To receive payment from DOR, you must have a completed STD 204 on file with the department. If any changes are needed, notify DOR of the change as follows:

- For name, address, and/or Social Security number changes, complete and submit a new STD 204.

- For phone number or email changes, submit the change request in writing on letterhead from an authorized representative.

Yes, you may submit an invoice if you provide some services to a consumer or after delivery of a partial order of goods. The invoice must include only the pre-authorized items already provided at the rate or dollar value authorized, and within the authorized service period.

Yes, if but only if pre-approved by DOR and listed on the authorization document.

No. You may only invoice up to the pre-approved items, approved rates, and total cost as indicated on the authorization document issued by DOR. Additions, substitutions and extensions must be pre-approved by DOR. If the consumer requires additional services or goods, contact the consumer’s VRSD team to request approval. If DOR agrees, the existing authorization document will be amended to include the approved changes or a new authorization may be issued for supplemental goods and services.

No. You may only invoice for services provided during the service period identified in the DOR authorization for goods and services. Any additions, substitutions and extensions must be pre-approved by DOR. If the consumer requires additional services outside of the approved period, contact the consumer’s VRSD team to request approval. If DOR agrees, the existing authorization document will be amended to include the approved changes or a new authorization may be issued for supplemental goods and services.

Yes, if you provide pre-approved goods and services for multiple consumers, you may invoice for the goods and services provided on a single invoice. The invoice must include the details for each consumer and line items billed. If you provide goods or services for more than one DOR district, submit separate invoices listing multiple consumers served through each district.

The DOR strives to pay vendors in accordance with the  California Prompt Payment Act . The Act requires state agencies to pay properly submitted, undisputed invoices within 45 days of initial receipt. If the overall payment process takes longer than 45 days, eligible vendors may receive a late payment penalty.Some factors that could delay processing and payment of your invoice:

- The invoice submitted did not include required vendor information, with sufficient detail on the goods and services provided to the consumer (e.g., missing tax identification number, goods not itemized, missing DOR authorization number)

- An invoice was submitted with information that did not match the STD 204 on file (e.g., vendor has a new address, name or tax identification number).

- The invoice packet did not include the required consumer service or medical/health reports, and/or other documents required to be submitted by DOR to support payment.

- DOR was unable to verify with the consumer that goods and services were received.

- The invoice included goods and services not consistent with the pre-approved authorization document. DOR will take appropriate action, such as deciding whether to dispute the full invoice, approve a partial payment, or take alternative action.

By mail. After an invoice is submitted and approved by DOR and SCO, SCO will send a check in the mail to the vendor "remit to" address listed on the invoice.

If an invoice cannot be approved for payment, in whole or in part, DOR must send you a STD209 - Invoice Dispute Notification. The STD209 will include the reason why the invoice could not be approved as submitted, and what is needed from you to meet invoicing requirements. You may resubmit corrected invoices, or if you disagree with the dispute, may contact the person listed on the STD209 for further information. After reviewing relevant information, a final decision will be made by the Department regarding payment of the invoice. If DOR denies payment, you may file a claim directly with the  Victims Compensation and Government Claims Board .

Since Federal and State funds are time limited it is extremely important that you submit your invoices to DOR timely after the provision of goods and/or services to ensure payment.  Claims can be filed through the  Victims Compensation and Government Claims Board . However, approval to pay is not guaranteed.

Authorizations and Amendments

No. You must receive a DOR authorization document describing the pre-approved goods and services before providing them to a consumer. If you provide the goods and services without an authorization, your invoice will be disputed and returned without payment.

If you are unable to find an authorization for a particular consumer, contact the DOR counselor’s office to request a copy for your records.

No, a copy is not required to be submitted with the invoice. However, the authorization number for the specific goods and services provided must be included on the invoice. This will ensure DOR can process your invoice timely for payment.

Confirmation of Consumer Receipt of Goods and Services

To ensure proper use of federal and state funds, DOR is required to confirm that the pre-approved goods and services were received by DOR or its consumers prior to approving an invoice for payment.

- For goods, provide consumers with a detailed receipt.

- For services, submit all required completed service or medical/health reports.

If you mailed the goods to a consumer, submit the transmission document to DOR for follow-up with the consumer. If you do not have evidence of service provision or goods, DOR will contact the consumer to discuss and determine whether payment is warranted.

Who To Contact

You can submit invoices through your VRC Portal account.


Refer to your DR 297 Authorization for submission and contact information


Go to Find An Office to find a DOR office near you to submit invoices and supporting records/services reports. You can ask to speak with the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for invoicing questions.

Go to Find An Office  to find a DOR office near you. If serving consumers from multiple districts, for questions related to invoices for specific consumers, refer to the applicable DOR Authorization "Bill To" District Address to reach the right SPOC who can best assist you.

The DOR is committed to being responsive to vendor questions or requests for information and will strive to respond within 48 hours of vendor contact.

Basically, the Prompt Payment Act requires payment of an undisputed, properly submitted invoice within 45 calendar days of invoice receipt, or delivery or acceptance of the subject goods or services, whichever is later, to avoid accruing late payment penalty interest if you qualify. If this timeframe has passed and you still have not received payment, contact your district SPOC. They can research the status of the invoice and assist in expediting payment for goods and services provided.