DOR values its partnership with vendors in support of services to Californian’s with disabilities on their path to meaningful employment and greater independence. The information provided below will assist you in submitting complete and accurate invoices to help DOR process your invoice for payment as quickly as possible.

Submission and Payment of Invoices

Federal and State funds are time limited; therefore, vendors must submit invoices as soon as possible, but no later than 60 days after the service month.

DOR may be unable to issue payments to vendors who submit invoices for the current fiscal year after  November 1st. If DOR is unable to pay vendors for invoices submitted late, vendors seeking payment will need to submit a claim through the Victims Compensation and Government Claims Board, where approval to pay is not guaranteed.

To help assist DOR in processing your invoice and payments in a timely manner:

  • Invoice(s) must contain required vendor and consumer information, DOR authorization number(s), and the itemized description and actual cost for the goods and/or services provided, as pre-authorized by DOR on an authorization document (e.g., DR297, STD65).

  • If any changes to the authorization document are needed for additions, substitutions or extensions of service dates, you must request an amended authorization document from DOR in advance of the provision of goods/services to a DOR consumer.

  • Invoice(s) are mailed to the District Office "Bill To" address noted on the authorization document, or can be emailed to the District Invoice E-Mailbox.

  • All service reports and other required documents are mailed or emailed as directed by the local Branch Office to confirm the receipt of goods and services.

  • Vendors must have a current  Payee Data Record (Std 204) on file with the DOR. If a current Std 204 is not on file, payments may be delayed.

If you have questions about the invoicing process, check out our  Frequently Asked Questions as you may find the answer you need.