San Joaquin Valley District
Operations Support and
Blind Field Services

San Joaquin Valley District Operations Support and Blind Field Services

Office Address: 2550 Mariposa Mall, Room 2000, Fresno, CA 93721

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Alicia Ramirez

Main Phone Line: (559) 445-6011

Hello, my name is Alicia. I am a Student Service Coordinator for Student Services , at Department of Rehabilitation (DOR), Fresno Office. I provide services to high school and post high school graduates. They range in ages from 16 to 21. I work alongside Vocational Counselor, Erika Reisen. We currently serve districts such as Kerman, Firebaugh, Central and other educational organizations.

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Erika Reisen

Main Phone Line: (559) 444-2432

My name is Erika Reisen and I have been a vocational counselor with the Department of Rehabilitation for 11 years. My work experience has consisted of working with students with disabilities through TPP, WCW, and C2C contracts. I have been apart of the Fresno District Student Services team since 2019. Our team has been serving high schools in the rural areas through Fresno County Superintendent of Schools as well as chapter high schools in the Fresno area. I truly enjoy working with students with disabilities as well as building relationships with high schools, teachers, staff, and employers.

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Stephanie Gonzales

Main Phone Line: (559) 445-6011
Direct Phone Line: (559) 445-6095

Hello, my name is Stephanie. I am a Student Services, Service Coordinator at the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) San Joaquin Valley District office. I have been with the DOR since 2017 and joined the Student Services team in January 2021. Currently, I work beside Stephanie Perez, Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, serving Kings Canyon Unified, Laton Unified, and Yosemite Valley Charter districts.

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Stephanie Perez

Main Phone Line: (559) 444-2565

Hello, my name is Stephanie Perez. In 2015, I graduated with a Master of Science in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling from California State University Fresno. My first year as a counselor was with the State Department of Rehabilitation in Santa Barbara, California. Working at the Santa Barbara Branch as a Generalist and Supportive Employment Counselor was a great experience. Due to unforeseen circumstances I transferred to the San Joaquin/ Fresno Branch where I have been one of the Student Services Vocational Counselor for 5 years. I work primarily with the age group of 16-21. I enjoy working with high school and college students. My assigned area as a Student Services Counselor are the rural and urban areas of Fresno County.