Cooperative Program Partner

Cooperative Programs

Cooperative programs, also known as third-party cooperative programs, are state and local agreements where the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) and public partner agencies combine their resources to provide vocationally focused services to help individuals with disabilities obtain and retain competitive, integrated employment and maximize their ability to live independently in their communities.

There are over 200 cooperative programs ranging from educational, mental health, and welfare programs throughout the state. Partner agencies contribute non-federal dollars as match to draw down federal funds to support the costs of cooperative contract services and other program expenses. Cooperative contract services may include:

  • DOR Student Services

  • Vocational Assessment

  • Employment Preparation

  • Job Development

  • Short-Term Supports

... and more!

Partnerships established through these programs, enhance DOR services offered to the program participants as they prepare, search, and secure a job in the community! Visit the Education, Mental Health, and Welfare programs pages to learn more about the different types of cooperative programs.

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