Office Address:
4300 Long Beach Boulevard
Suite 200
Long Beach, CA 90807


Not Pictured

Janice Lee - Unit A

E-mail: janice.lee@dor.ca.gov
Main Phone Line: (562) 422-8325

PE Student Services SVRC-QRP


Woman with short black hair wearing a black bouse with floral pattern on collar

Maria Belen Murillo - Unit A

E-mail: maria.murillo@dor.ca.gov
Main Phone Line: (562) 422-8325

PE Student Services Service Coordinator


Woman with black hair wearing red lipstick and a black lacy blouse

Marwa Shadia - Unit B

E-mail: marwa.shadia@dor.ca.gov
Main Phone Line: (562) 422-8325

Student Services Counselor served as a Rehabilitation liaison to Long Beach School District as well as Bachelor and Master level students attending California State University, Long Beach. QRP managed nearly 200 High School students and adult students with their personal and academic interests.