Office Address:
2323 Manchester Boulevard
Suite C
Inglewood, CA 90305


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Kareene Alprecht

E-mail: kareene.alprecht@dor.ca.gov
Main Phone Line: (323) 565-1860

Student Service (PE) provides Post-Secondary Counseling, Career/Vocational Counseling, Self- Advocacy Training, Work Readiness Training, and Work Experience to students with disabilities from ages 16-22 years old. DOR-Mid Cities Student Services (PE) team work helps to ensure that South LA based students from Los Angeles Charter High Schools and College students are serviced with these valuable services. Student services have been successful in assisting students with valuable work experience in the nearby southern LA based communities and have established Student Services Internship opportunities to help serve DOR-Mid Cities Branch.


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Robin Lewis

E-mail: robin.lewis@dor.ca.gov
Main Phone Line: (323) 565-1860

PE Student Services Service


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Sandra Brizuela

E-mail: sandra.brizuela@dor.ca.gov
Main Phone Line: (323) 565-1860

The Mid Cities Branch office has provided a learning and training platform for students to complete FCCC and Steps Funding hours under work experience services. The student workers assist the team with clerical, customer service and telephone duties. Other trainings provided to students include Career Exploration, Soft Skills, Disability Awareness, Disability Etiquette, and appropriate professional work behaviors.