Social Security Work Incentives and
the Ticket to Work Program

Find out how employment will affect your social security benefits.

Work Incentives Planners (WIPs) are available throughout DOR’s offices statewide to provide intensive, individualized one-on-one WIP Services to help consumers understand how their social security benefits will be affected if they return to work.

Further information:

Roles of the WIP

  • Assist consumers in understanding the impact of employment on cash and health benefits

  • Develop accurate and personalized Benefits Analyses and Work Incentive Plans

  • Explain and outline viable options

  • Provide recommendations on appropriate work incentives

  • Promote successful employment outcomes

  • Assist with wage reporting and benefits management

  • Coordinate referrals to Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA) projects and/or Employment Networks (ENs) at DOR case closure

Eligibility and Enrollment

  • Current recipients of SSI and/or SSDI; and

  • A consumer of DOR who is in Job Ready status

  • Intend to obtain competitive employment in an integrated setting above SGA-level earnings; and

  • Wish to receive WIP Services through informed choice

  • Agree to remain in communication with the WIP throughout the job search process and up to case closure.

Learn about Ticket to Work

The general goal of the Ticket to Work (TTW) Program is to expand the types of service providers that are available to those individuals between ages 18-64 who are entitled to Social Security benefits based on disability (SSDI) and for those who are eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) based on disability or blindness.

Please call your local DOR office for more information.