Vision Statement

People with disabilities will be prepared to maximize their self-sufficiency by integrating into the mainstream of a California labor market that is accessible to the diversity of its workers, job seekers, and business and microenterprise owners.

Mission Statement

California commits to achieving an employment rate for people with disabilities that is in parity with that of the general population by:

- removing barriers to work; and,
- providing needed services, supports and incentives to maximize individual economic growth and development.


The CCEPD meets four times annually as a full committee to approve recommendations that the three subcommittees develop throughout the year. The Executive Committee is an administrative subcommittee made up of the co-chairs of each the three subcommittees. The subcommittees meet throughout the year in Sacramento and by teleconference.

CCEPD Subcommittees

  • Executive Committee (Administrative)
  • Employment and Training Committee
  • State Coordination Committee
  • Youth Event Committee

The Executive Committee

Assists the CCEPD staff with developing the four quarterly meetings and the subcommittee addresses policy or administrative issues.

The Employment and Training Committee

Develops strategies on employment, education and training needs, as outlined by the Unified State Plan. This subcommittee also provides feedback on strategies for the State of California being a Model Employer.

The State Coordination Committee

Develops cross-systems policy strategies to better support service delivery coordination for people with disabilities.

The Youth Event Committee

The Youth Event is tasked with developing leadership model strategies to transition the Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) to a non-profit or community- based organization.

2018 CCEPD Annual Report (PDF)

2018 CCEPD Recommendations/Activities

In May 2018, CCEPD approved an integrated approach to benefits planning. The CCEPD plans to submit it to Agency Secretaries in early 2019.

The Youth Event Committee developed an alumni survey  and a YLF Request for Information to create regional youth leadership forums and different model for the current statewide forum. The Request for Information was released in January 2018. In November 2018, the CCEPD submitted proposed YLF funding proposals, which have been submitted to the Directors of Department of Rehabilitation and Employment Development Departments.

The Employment and Training Committee developed comments to the California State Workforce Development Board for the guidance to Regional Planning Units. It also developed a support letter for a summit on supported employment and supported education for people with behavioral disabilities.

The 2017 CCEPD Approved Policy Recommendations were made to the California State Workforce Development Board and the Department of Rehabilitation for Competitive Integrated Employment Blueprint language and local partnership agreements to be included in the modification of the Unified State Plan.


Members of the CCEPD participated in evaluating California's civil service policies and procedures, in collaboration with the California Department of Human Resources, the California State Personnel Board and the Department of Rehabilitation, aimed at improving the hiring and retention of people with disabilities. The Joint Project (PDF) includes many strategies to improve the hiring and retention of people with disabilities with the State of California.

The CCEPD has ongoing discussions with Department of Human Resources to provide continual input on implementation efforts of the Joint Project.


" Operation California First: Recommendations to Advance Employment Outcomes for Californians with Disabilities (PDF) " as a comprehensive report sent to the Secretaries of recommendations aimed at increasing the employment rate of people with disabilities.