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Vision Statement

Through equitable access to services and employment, people with disabilities bring diversity, experience, talent, skills, and value to California’s workforce and communities.

Mission Statement

Mission of the California Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities (CCEPD) is to evaluate, develop, promote, and influence policies, systems, and implementation efforts to increase employment and training of people with disabilities.

Operating Guidelines Update Government Code 12803.6 Government Code 12803.65


The CCEPD meets four times annually as a full committee to approve recommendations that the three subcommittees develop throughout the year. The Executive Committee is an administrative subcommittee made up of the co-chairs of each the three subcommittees. The subcommittees meet throughout the year by video conference, in-person or teleconference.

CCEPD Subcommittees

  • Executive Committee (Administrative)
  • Employment and Training Subcommittee
  • State Coordination Subcommittee

The Executive Committee

Assists the CCEPD staff with developing the four quarterly meetings and the subcommittee addresses policy or administrative issues.

The Employment and Training Subcommittee

Develops strategies on employment, education and training needs, as outlined by the Unified State Plan. This subcommittee also provides feedback on strategies for the State of California being a Model Employer.

The State Coordination Subcommittee

Develops cross-systems policy strategies to better support service delivery coordination for people with disabilities.