CCEPD Membership

The California Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities (CCEPD) has representation from the business community, advocates and state departments. Two Members are also appointed from the Senate Rules Committee and the Assembly Speaker. Additional members can also be appointed by the Health and Human Services Agency Secretary.

CCEPD Membership Roster

  • Taylor Winchell, Chair , Senior Manager, External Communications, TrueBlue

  • Roy Kim, Co-chair , Deputy Director of Sacramento Employment and Training Agency

  • Ana Acton , Deputy Director, Independent Living and Community Access Division, Department of Rehabilitation (Designee for Joe Xavier, Director, Department of Rehabilitation)

  • Dani Anderson , Disability Accessibility Manager, County of Ventura, Assembly Speaker’s Office appointee

  • Brian Carthen , Deputy Director, Office of Civil Rights, California Department of Health Care Services

  • Anisa Escobedo , Advocacy & Fund Development Coordinator, Tri-County Independent Living (TCIL)

  • Robert Fried , Partner, Practus, LLP

  • Aparna Kommineni , Founder of Bay Payee & Disability Advocate

  • Damien Ladd , Chief, CalWORKs Employment Bureau, Department of Social Services (Designee for Kim Johnson, Director, Department of Social Services)

  • Harrison Lane , Coordinator of Meristem Transformative Autism Program

  • Michael Luna , Work Services Section Chief, Department of Developmental Services (Designee for Nancy Bargmann, Director, Department of Developmental Services)

  • LaCandice Ochoa , Dean/Administrator for the Chancellor’s Office Perkins, Strong Workforce, and Strategic Initiative programs in the Workforce and Economic Development Division (WEDD)

  • Kimberlee Meyer , Assistant Deputy Director, Workforce Services Branch, Employment Development Department (Designee for Nancy Farias, Director, Employment Development Department)

  • Luisa Mesones , M.S., Advocate for Older Adults and People with Disabilities

  • Sandee Nieves , Branch Manager, Statewide Partnerships Team, California Workforce Development Board