YLF - Parents

YLF will provide your child various resources to meet their needs as they grow into adult-hood.

Program topics include disability history, advocacy, employment resources, post-secondary educational opportunities, independent living skills and assistive technology. Delegates also get the opportunity to interact with each other, alumni staff, and network with other people with disabilities in various careers. Delegates build confidence in themselves, learn about successes and challenges by interacting with alumni and professionals with disabilities. The peer mentoring by fellow alumni, presentations and trainings provided by professionals with disabilities allow students to focus on their career and independence goals.

"14 years of public school never helped the social skills aspect of life the way YLF did in (four) days. I arrived Friday to get (my son). The group was at the State Capitol and walking back to the Grand ballroom. Looking at (my son) through the window panels of the Grand, I saw a young adult I had never seen before. He was helping to lead the group across a lighted intersection in midtown with confidence. It was quite a moment for me as a parent. YLF moved us into a new realm." - Parent of 2017 YLF Delegate

If selected, your child will provide additional information about their disability/disabilities and staff will make proper accommodations. These accommodations can include, but are not limited to, interpreters, personal care attendants, a nurse, assistive technology, and any accommodations to meet mobility needs.