How To Apply

To request services, you may:

  • Apply online by selecting "Get Started"

  • Fill out the Vocational Rehabilitation Services Application (form DR 222) and return it to your local office. Obtain an application by contacting your local office, printing the application from our website, or visiting an America‚Äôs Job Center . DOR will contact you for your intake appointment once your application has been received.

At your first appointment you will meet with a member of our vocational rehabilitation team to discuss your eligibility and how DOR may assist you in maximizing your employment opportunities.

What to bring to your first appointment

  • Any documents you have about your disability.

  • Recent records and benefit letters (i.e.; Social Security Administration, Ticket to Work Program, or another referral)

  • A list of names, addresses, and telephone numbers of doctors, professionals, and organizations you have consulted about your disability.

Determining Eligibility

  • After obtaining enough information, you and your counselor will determine your eligibility for services within 0-60 days of receiving your application and information gathered at your first appointment.

  • Once determined eligible for services, you are your counselor will jointly develop your Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE). The IPE is your written plan listing your job objective and the DOR services you will receive to reach your employment goal.

We do not have a standard "program" or set of services that everyone receives, the plan you and your counselor will create will be unique to your needs and the job you are aiming for. Remember YOU are the most important person in this process.

If found eligible for DOR services, you will receive a priority score, called a Significance of Disability (SOD) score that will be used in the Order of Selection process. The law requires that DOR use this process when there are not enough resources to serve all applicants. This ensures that DOR serves those with the most significant disabilities first. This means some individuals may be placed on a waiting list.

For additional information about how to apply and the DOR process read our Consumer Information Handbook (other languages are available on our Publications page).

For questions regarding DOR Applications, please contact